December 26, 2011

Sunday Portrait #11

Merry Christmas my darlings! This is a day late but in honesty I am not sorry at all, I've been busy scoffing my face and relaxing with my family so I didn't find any time to post the photo. I've had a lovely day and got some lovely things from my family and hopefully will spoil myself later on. Well, I hope you've had a lovely couple of days wherever you are!

Merry Christmas
Much Love
Lauren Michelle

December 11, 2011

Sunday Portrait #10

1. I'm back to my usual spot, this week the parents have been home so photographing myself hasn't been particularly top of my list as I barely get to see them in the evening after college so I spent a bit of time with them and my boyfriend having meals and such like. Also, I think this will continue to be my Sunday Portrait area, I have time in the mornings on Sunday to capture the right lighting which good.
2. I went to London with my sister Sunday to see Puss in Boots, which was amazing and bought this poster in the background (originally for my boyfriend) because it's rather wonderful. I like that it's not tied to any of the Doctor's either, so my love for Tennant isn't taken over my Smith.
3. I've have a hair cut, well "fringe cut", and it's so weird and different and I don't think I look a thing like me any more. I've wanted to get a full fringe for months now, but being the whimp I am never got the guts to do it until yesterday where I had no choice once I was in the chair. Overall, I love it. It's so much easier so far to look after, the only issue is I can't sweep all my hair back onto the top of my head now!

Much Love
Lauren Michelle oxo

December 06, 2011

Cosmic Love

Just a few images documenting my day on Sunday -the photo of my sister is her reaction to having our first proper milk tea in over a year (me two years) which made us so happy we nearly cried. It was a lovely day, mainly the food!

December 04, 2011

Sunday Portrait #9

1. Today has been amazing, yet extremely tiring -aren't Sunday's meant for relaxing? My sister got us tickets to go see a preview of Puss in Boots, which may I say is brilliant and I recommend you go see it if you like the Shrek movies and such like! We had breakfast in this little French Cafe by the station, we both had ham and cheese croissant (I cannot remember the name for the life of me) and spent the day wandering around London really.
2. I had "proper" Boba Tea today for the first time in two years, and both me and my sister were so close to crying because nothing compares to Milky tea, we made our way to Covent Garden to have a mosey about, before seeing the film and having Wagamama's for dinner. It's been a good day overall, I bought presents, sweeties, and had milky tea which is the highlight of my year.

Much Love
Lauren Michelle oxo

December 01, 2011

Merry Christmas, everyone

There's been a few changes to my blog now that the month has changed, I think the main one is where my images have been taken; recently my family have been doing a lot of work on my house and we've finished our beautiful sparkling white shower room, which just so happens to have the best lighting in the house after college. Winter is a right pain as it means I don't have good light before or after college for images, so now I have to place myself in this new area although I am a fan of it. 

Today ended up resulting in me getting rained on; going on the back of my boyfriends moped down the dirt track outside my house; me riding it 3cms before freaking out and getting off; and finding this hat which smells like wood shavings. (Possibly my favourite smell in the world)

Don't you love it when you get to wear new items of clothing, when they feel fresh and new and just lovely? I bought my t-shirt yesterday as soon as I saw it, and my mother bought me the Topshop creepers the other week for doing good deeds, and the socks are sparkly and slightly festive for Christmas! It may be winter, but that doesn't stop me wearing tights, shorts and a extremely long t-shirt to look like a dress, I'll wrap up with winter warmies if I get cold! I've also got my HIV ribbon on and I'm hoping all my darling followers to show their respect also.

Who's got their winter clothing already, or are you all still pretending it's summer like me?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle oxo

November 27, 2011

Sunday Portrait #8

I haven't much to say this week as it's been pretty rough for me and I've not felt up for blogging or socialising so I'm deeply sorry, but next week I'm hoping to return to normal blogging and keeping up to date!

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

November 13, 2011

Sunday Portrait #7

1. It's safe to say this image is horrendous, and I'm not sure if it could possibly get any worse. I spent the night out at Jennie's and basically had 7 hours sleep which isn't meant to happen on a weekend, I'm meant to lay in till forever, I haven't had a chance to get a photo of me where the lighting is actually good enough, and my hair is looking particularly odd currently, but I've grown to like it over the past 24 hours.
2. I've dyed my hair, it was meant to go all over lilac but has toned part of my hair and actually dyed other parts, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it now. I've given up with it and how judgemental my mother is over it, so it's going to just fade to a nice light grey colour...
3. I'm so tired, and I haven't much to say apart from I hope you've had a lovely weekend and Christmas is 40 or 39 days away now, however exciting!

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

November 10, 2011

Were you ever my age?

Thought I'd throw a few things together today after college to cure boredom and remembered I have this lovely top but I don't actually have anything considered decent to wear beneath it apart from this pretty black bra, therefore it stays in my closet as college wouldn't agree with this. I over wear this skirt, it's just so easy and practical. I love it. 

Do you have any items you wear a little bit too much, or any thing you haven't had a chance to wear yet?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

November 08, 2011

Everybody wants to be a cat

This is from yesterday but even so, my hair and make up turned out really well which is often shocking for me as I'm so rushed in the morning and I decided to get some photos and couldn't lie to you all now could I. I didn't get any reasonable photos of my actual outfit as the window sill is the hardest place to get photos from, but the best place for lighting in the mornings. I love this blouse, it's a 16 and was my mum's from years ago -when she was pregnant with me, it's soft, so big that it might as well be a bat wing blouse and generally good for over sizing. The only issue is that I has to be tucked into a skirt, not even trousers because it bunches up.

I'm actually glad I didn't get a photo today, I'd not bothered to do my hair and barely put on any make up and just threw on some slouchy cloths. College was too tiring and lazy to make an effort for this morning. Soon as I finished I went to town and got some bits and bobs, make up, fabric glue costing £7 -best be good stuff or I'll be unhappy! I also bought some milk tea (it's the best drink in the entire world) which always perks up my day and reminds me of when I visited China, it's just amazing and I don't know how they do it, I always buy it if I'm in town since the Yammy opened.
How was everyone's day today then? Did you get rained on like I did this morning?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

PS. That's Solar (also referred to as cat-cat) who conveniently got into the shot, in fact it's my favourite photo out of the lot which is odd.

November 07, 2011

My knees are cold

Tie dying must be one of everyone's favourite childhood activity's, creating these amazing complicated patterns with multitudes of coloured dye never ceases to amaze a six year old -or in this case a 16 year old. 

Tie dye is amazing, the patterns, colours, creations and everything that comes out of the process. What isn't to love? Topshop brought out several pairs of tie dye leggings this summer and I was desperate for a pair yet never had the money to purchase such items, they were the latest craze and being part of it would have been amazing. However, recently after re-making friends with Jennie -a girl who was also once obsessed with tie dye and very good at it- we came to the conclusion we could make our leggings, t-shirts and god knows what else we'd go to.

It sounds simple enough, white leggings, tie dye and a good friend at your side to guide you along right? Also a lot cheaper than what Topshop's asking price was ; saying this I am wanting the purple velvet tie dye. It doesn't sound like a hassle at all, they won't be nearly as elegant or perfect but creativity and having something which is your own creation just seems so much more appealing. Along with this, you can create whatever colours, patterns and styles you want which is amazing. 

Basically, here are the main inspirations I'll be using for creating my leggings. Although the blue is gorgeous I think I'll find myself siding on pinks side because I like the idea of pastels mixing with pop colours and pink is such a perfect example of this. I may make this a DIY post when I come round to doing it, or I may just leave it and reveal the final product in an outfit post once.

What's your view on tie dye?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

November 06, 2011

Sunday Portrait #7

1. First Sunday of the month aye, soon enough it'll be first Sunday of December then Sunday of Christmas. However exciting! Also the first Sunday post of my second half of being at college, Christ that sounds terrifying! It's gone oh so very quick and I'm not sure how I feel about this. Everything should be on track currently which is good, things are moving so fast I'm not sure if I like it.
2. Last night was Bonfire Night as many people from the UK will know, it can be an amazing thing and some people go completely all out on fireworks and making the event and night extremely special. I went to my mum's friend's house for the fireworks and then afterwards my neighbours to see their finale and it was all so beautiful and lovely. I'll have a set of the photos up some time this week once I sort through them.
3. I've spent today working on a present for my boyfriend that was meant to be done a month or so ago, ops. But that's what today has been filled with, but tomorrow I'm hoping to go into town and purchase some material to make yet another skirt. Winter isn't the best season for them but by god I love them!

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

PS. I apologise for the bad picture, my camera was severely misbehaving last night! 

November 05, 2011

I'll make you banana pancakes

So I ordered a Graze box on Wednesday, due to a very helpful code which allowed my first box to be free! I've been so excited to get it and spent ages deciding on the different things I'd happily try. For £3.49 I think it's amazing value; it's small enough to slot in your bag to take along to work so you have a healthy -or not so healthy- snack throughout the day, or for lazy Sundays it keeps you from snacking on chocolate. 

With my box I got; apple and cinnamon flapjack, which is absolutely beautiful I'm attempting to save the last piece for tomorrow; the beach, a combination of dried mango, pineapple and banana, I'm not a fan of the dried banana but it's still nice; golden honey nut cashews, I have a ridiculous love for them it's not right; and lastly the banana split, cashews, Belgian chocolate puffed rice and obviously banana. It's all so lovely and I think I may make this a fortnightly thing.

If you fancy claiming a Graze box for free use this code: D65HVZ6D and your first box will be free. I think it's a brilliant thing, each and everyone of you should defiantly try one. Whether this be your first or last, give it a go! 

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

November 01, 2011

It's one more thing to do

The gormless look was accidental and I only got 3 images of my face, and although this may seem strange this was the better of them. I managed to do my hair and actually like it for once, most likely because I had a little extra time this morning and was getting ready by myself, Joe usually comes round in the morning so I don't get much time to get ready as I'm fussing over talking to him and making sure he doesn't make a mess!

I've made myself the velvet skirt, I could of done with 2 metres of fabric rather than 1.5 but it's still doing it's job which is to look fabulous. I've got another project on the horizon, in fact 4 projects which makes like a little hard but I reckon if I plan my time correctly it will be easy enough. But just a little thank you for every one who's viewed, followed and commented my blog even if many people haven't always stuck around. I'm feeling extremely proud of myself currently and I'm loving doing what I do. So thank you!

So who likes the velvet skirt, and who would want one?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

October 31, 2011

But I can't stop staring at those evil eyes

I recently discovered Yayer, a small online shop, and since finding it I've been lusting over their clothing for some time now. I think what attracted me most towards them was the fact they have the style of Asos and Topshop mixed together creating this wonderful urban street style which people -including me- are constantly aiming to achieve. They have reasonable prices, good quality clothing which definatly has it's own unique style. With cutting edge designs, who wouldn't want an item or two from here?

I've picked 10 of my favourite items on the site that I am dying to have, yet my budget will only go so far and will have to pick one item of the lot. It's easy to see why people like Yayer though, it's up to date with the latest fashion trends; girl grunge, pretty aztec and gothic chic. They know what they're making will sell for sure, and I'm defiantly going to increase their income! Whilst providing us with a modern appeal we're also given vintage clothing which suits to many fashion lovers as the 60's and 70's are pushing through with chunky knits, bold colours and abstract shapes and patterns.

Yayer is the perfect online store, with the right amount of clothing and not mass productions so you have to trawl through every page and choose between a million items but instead choose between the entire shop. I'm lusting after them so bad it hurts.

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

October 30, 2011

Sunday Portrait #6

1. Hello my darlings, it is coming to the end of the month now which means Halloween, Bonfire Night (if you're English) and then Christmas so I'm extremely excited for that! I've also been away on half term, which I have attempted to keep up with my blog posts but Friday I did fall behind due to the fact I have been out and about this week. I've only used my camera one this week which is a shame, I need to start using it much more often in future! I'm finally getting a tripod, my boyfriend doesn't use his so he said I could have it, so this means I'll be able to stand in my garden like a tool and take photos of me looking like a tool! However this is good as I'll be able to get some photos where I'm not squeezed between my window and bed and therefore actually get a full outfit in rather than just my face and shoulders.
2. So here is my half term rounded up in a few sentences; Monday I spent all day in bed until late evening where I went to Jennie's to have a girls night where we ate pizza, curry and played Just Dance where me and Shannan got down to Shakira/Beyonce Beautiful Liar; Tuesday I left from Jennie's and arrived at Joe's where I played Dead Island and I'm pretty sure we watched a film I just can't remember which one; Wednesday me and my mother went for a walk along the beach with Rusty where it then poured down with rain and we had a 15 minute walk where we was soaked to our pants, that evening Lucy did my roots up; Thursday I went out for lunch with my mum and her friend Julia to look after her small children which was eventful; Friday I went to Joe's and we watched the Toy Stories and my Dead Island game was wiped; Saturday I spent in bed reading Bird Song; 
3. Which only leaves today, it's the Sunday before going back to college, so I think every other student agrees this is when we're going to complete all the work we've put off until last minute. This also means I'm going to have to stop at Jennie's at one point to collect the sheets I needed from English Lang on our Character Profile, ops. But anyway, I'm at 40 followers now, which is pretty amazing in my humble opinion considering I've only been using this since September (properly) and I'm just going to thank EVERYONE, you're all amazing! Also note how I have a facebook page, I know it seems cheeky to ask but if you could like it I'd greatly appreciate it, but even so I'm still happy!

How has your week or half term been?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle 

Note how I've been on two holidays to the Med this year and I'm still so pale

October 27, 2011

I'll die living just as free as my hair

Charlotte Free has been hairspiration for a short amount of time now with her daring pink hair, it's easy to see why, and she's also brought a whole new front for modelling. We've now seen and appreciated the emergance of transsexual Brazilian who manages to hold the worlds most wanted legs -Lea T, the man who declared he wanted to be a zombie -Rick Genest, and now the unconventional catwalk model.

October 26, 2011

Arizona Muse

21 years old, mother to one, and the new face of Next. In just a year she's successfully got it all, including the name.

Arizona Muse started her career in 2008, long blonde hair didn't sway too well back then and much to my surprise she received little attention, but now returning in 2010 with a gorgeous son, an even more gorgeous figure and a brand new brunette do she's made it. Her big hit came from an American Vogue feature in March 2011, she's appeared on the cover of Vogue ItaliaNuméro and appeared in various campaigns - David YurmanJil SanderAlberta FerrettiChloePrada, and Yves Saint Laurent. Along side all of these brilliant achievements she is now the official face of Next, how could they resist her though, she's a sophisticated, grown up, incredibly smart and successful woman. 

October 23, 2011

£100 to spend in Dorothy Perkins

£100 in Dorothy Perkins, it'd be a lie to say this is one of my most visited high street stores however my aim with this challenge as such is to put together an outfit from a variety of high street (and possibly moving onto designer) stores and widen my view on their clothing range. 

Everyone says the typical clothings for Autumn are mustards, caramels, camel tones and burgundy but I disagree strongly; bright colours bring connotations of happiness, fun and plain radiance so why should all these feelings stop just because we have to shove on a thicker pair of tights and a more suitable jacket, I say they should live on throughout the winter and bring that extra bit of sun to the ground that our sky fails to provide. 

Last year I was dying for a cable knit cardigan but my mother refused to pay for any of the ones high street stores provided due to the massive price tag, considering they weren't all that thick I guess it was a good thing I didn't waste that precious money in fairness. However, after spotting this cardigan I feel that I may be in need of purchasing one after all, how could you not resist something that looks so inviting?

I'm loving these trousers, they look sleek, sophisticated and oh so obviously colourful. Pairing a pair of these could be tricky some mornings, but my God when they're put together well they'll look perfect, the thing with pop colours this season is to do it rather subtly unlike with the summer when it was pile 3 colours or shades together, hence why I've matched it up to a pair of gorgeous hot pink heels -contrasting colours work so well in small subtle doses carefully placed together.

The socks would be optional, put them on rolled down and you get a cute and casual look whereas without them it's serious and strong. Simple details change the entire mood of an outfit and that's what I love about fashion, everything has to be thought about to get the right appeal across. Like I said earlier, Dorothy Perkins isn't always my first option when it comes to shopping but I feel that I need to make a serious change about these feelings and make my move in there a little more often.

What do you think about pop colours following through to the A/W season? Love or hate?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

Cardigan: £32.50 Blouse: £10 Trousers: £12 Shoes: £40 Socks: £3.50
Total: £98

Sunday Portrait #5

1. I've been gone for now 2 weeks, I think that's correct and although I should have many reasons to why this has been happening I can't even pretend to say that I do. I guess my main reason is the stress I am feeling from college, I have so much work to do and I'm constantly putting in a lot of effort to try and do my best. So I guess that's a reason why I haven't been posting, and also another reason is I've got a lot of family stress currently going on with my Grandmother so I'm having to work my way round that. 
2. I've also been attempting to make a few items, in preparation for a possibly give away for Christmas. However I'm unsure of what I want to pass on to my followers, possibly a few items I'll make/DIY. Either way, I've made two rather lovely looking skirts and I'm trying to plan how to make a pair of leggings from velvet. Once I get round to doing it I'll take some photos and show you wonderful lot how to make them. 
3. I am now on half term, and so far have only 2 events planned out. One being a girlie night with some college people, and the second meeting up with my mother and her friend for lunch and to see her gorgeous little bubbas. But hopefully this will result in some serious posting throughout the week, I've already got two posts for this week planned out and some little surprises if I manage to get round to doing them. 
4. Tuesday is my granddad's (Nibbs) birthday, so he and my nan are over for dinner tonight which will be nice because I haven't spent time with them in a while due to them always jetting off somewhere! Don't know how they can keep doing it at all, madness I say. I'm so excited for a roast dinner, they're my second favourite thing about winter (along side with stews). Cannot believe how soon Christmas is at all, crazy crazy stuff! I've still got nothing planned for Halloween though, maybe I'll persuade Jennie into watching scary films with me.

What have you all got planned for Halloween then? 

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

October 21, 2011

Sound of the Underground

It's obvious how Topshop have been slightly obsessed with Underground brothel creepers for an amount of time recently and now they have really outdone themselves releasing their own exclusive designs, so basically Topshop got very lucky indeed. I'm not sure how long they've been released, but by god I am so glad I found them today ready for when the money flows into the bank next week.

I'm pretty sure I'll go to extreme measures to make sure a pair of velvet creepers are placed into my hands, I'll be happier than a baby with it's bottle! Congratulations Topshop, I'm pretty sure you've made me go shoe crazy!

October 05, 2011

We'll all take our chances

1. Sorry to have failed you all, but I'm afraid the 30 day challenge is now ending only two days in, this is not because I'm lazy, not organised and cannot be bothered to attempt to keep up with it but due to it taking up blogging time and space which didn't catch many peoples attention, it was boring basically, and not only for the viewer but also for me, and didn't look like it would improve at all over the course of the month. So I'm sorry for those who were actually interested in this -although I highly doubt this was many- but it's completely done with and I shall not be going back. This makes blogging interesting now, for me and you. It gives me back that slight sense of freedom of having to post once a day (rather than the annoying twice) about whatever I like, whether it be fashion or my clothing. I need to practise my journalism skills, not analyse my wardrobe. 
2. This is today's outfit. Simple but sweet. Topshop produced a similar version of this dress back in April and people went wild for it, and nearly everyone I saw was wearing it. I found this whilst searching for summer crop tops back in April just before my birthday; it's practically identical to the topshop version, the only difference is the fabric and collar. It's one of those dresses that can be worn in any situation, different shoes and accessories give the outfit different connotations. I paired it with loafers, my cat cameo necklace and a black cardigan (originally it was my grey fair aisle cardigan, but my misjudgement of the weather resulted in a change which caused a mild chill). 
3. I never got a chance to tell people what I bought at the convention on Sunday, I bought some American sweets (3 flavours of Wonka's nerds) , the cat cameo necklace which I think is adorable and some small presents for Joe. Along with my two autographs of course. I love the necklace, it's so adorable and simple to wear with anything. Anyway, this generally was a quick update and hope you are all doing good.

Has the weather been topsy turvy for everyone today or just the South?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

October 04, 2011

Two hundred degrees that's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit

Do you ever see a sale on a website, and then spend hours going through each page one by one repeatedly till you find the perfect item? Then usually once you come across the items you practically desire they've sold out? Well, up until tonight I thought it was a curse that was completely unavoidable destroying my dreams cheap yet beautiful clothing. 

I'm unsure what possessed me to look at the New Look website, online shopping hasn't been on my agenda for a while, but I'm so glad I did because I found some right beauties here and not only are they beautiful they're the biggest bargain I've come across in a long time. Originally both these pairs of shorts were £20, so put that together it'd come to a grand total of £40 which would be well out of my budget and then completely ignored; however, the beige pair had been subtracted to £7 whilst the navy on £10 which still makes the pair cheaper than the original price of them. I love shorts for winter, it's mad considering we've just had summer but pairing them up with thick tights and boots is my favourite option. The blazer originally started out at a shocking £34, in my opinion that's ridiculous and I'd never pay out that amount of money, but bringing it down to £12, along with reality, I find it is a much more reasonable price. And the shoes, well they're gorgeous in my opinion. I've been searching for a pair of booties for so long, but none have ever been cheap and good quality so I gave up with the search but after seeing a £10 reduction they were the first thing I made sure I had. So overall I spent a good £49, however my gift card reduced it to £29 which is far better.

Shopping is a great passion, but I never have the money to spend. Any one else feel this way?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

Day Two: My Favourite Top

In all honesty, not much effort when into choosing a favourite top and considering I have so many -as my wardrobe post displayed- you'd think choosing would be merely impossible. Alas, this was the t-shirt that made it to the top of my list and came out to be my favourite, it's just so easy to mix up to create a different mood to each outfit. Band tops tend to be easy to put together as an outfit, especially types like this where there is not established logo, it can be made grunge with a black body-con skirt, tights and hoodie but personally I like to girl up the outfit with my floral Doc Martens; it can be matched with roll up jeans and casual shoes like loafers or brogues; and lastly to possibly make this an evening outfit it can be paired with a high waisted chiffon skirt, and heels. Maybe it's only me who feels like this with a band tops, but I just feel they're so easy to create an outfit with.

Now for those who may or may not be familiar with this t-shirt, it is in fact a Cobra Starship top that has been proudly hung in my wardrobe for 3 years now. Complete madness, but completely true. It's became so tight that cutting off the arms to allow some room for stretching was the only way I could still have this as a t-shirt. I'm still not ready to part with it.

Having a jam packed wardrobe isn't as brilliant as it seems, most of the items hanging in there are crying out to be worn and are wasting away in there. I'm feeling an early Spring Cleaning session will be going ahead in binning and selling some clothing, but I'm such a hoarder!

So who else is like me and has a rather odd favourite item of clothing, and who else hoards things they don't need nor wear?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

October 03, 2011

Day One: My Closet

Here it it, freshly packed with all the washing I was meant to put away a good two days ago but being me and lazy I have not. I'm not sure what I can say apart from I used to be very tidy, in fact it was all lined up perfectly in colour order. However, that made finding my favourite things a lot harder so I just put all the really nice things at the front, and the other bits get pushed to the back. I've been meaning to clean it out and throw things onto eBay but I never find the time (or miss the free listing) but with winter coming I'll need room for lots of jumpers and warm layering items. Cannot contain my excitement for winter!

What's your closet like? Is it neat and tidy with everything ordered in a certain way, or are you like me and just throw things into it?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle 

PS. Sorry about the bowl, I'm not a complete tramp but I took this in the morning and I eat breakfast as I get dressed because it means more sleeping time, less getting ready time!

[Late] Sunday Portrait #4

1. Okay, I've not blogged in a good week now and for those who enjoy my blog I do apologise as I've been rather stressed/busy with college, boyfriend, and relaxing however I am trying to get a more organised schedule down and I even have a cute little diary to show this -nothing has been written down obviously but once ideas start flowing they'll be down! 

2. I did promise to start my 30 day challenge but had an issue as the entire weekend I was away at London at this convention meeting the one and only David Tennant, it was an amazing day even if I had to wake up at 5 in the morning to get ready and to the event place for half 6 to queue. My sister called me up on Saturday saying if I caught an earlier train I could come get Arthur Darvill's autograph if I wanted so I caught at train at half 2 all in the name of Doctor Who. I'm a massive geek deep down, I can't even pretend I'm not. 

3. At the event I managed to meet Evanna Lynch, Paul McGann, Arthur Darvill, the man who plays Winston Churchill in Doctor Who, Georgia Moffett and obviously David Tennant. David Tennant was lovely as well, when I went to get his autograph I told him how I watched all the Doctor Who episodes of his instead of revising (ops, not the best option) and he asked if I did well (which in all modesty, I did really well) and advised it to all and then continued to ask about what I'm doing at college and where I want to take that. No one can understand how much I nearly cried after all this because he had finished signing both mine and my sisters autograph by the time he got to asking about my GCSE's. Life is perfect.

How was all of your weekends? What have you done?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

September 27, 2011

30 Day Challenge

Yes, a challenge, something I am terrible with sticking to but hopefully will! It's one of those things that I promise myself I will do, but when it comes round to it I end up forgetting! I'm pretty damn useless no lie! I shall be starting on the 1st (Saturday) so that I can keep track of the date along with the days, maybe this will encourage me to actually continue it, even though October will leave me a day extra -this may come in handy to "round up" the experience I guess. Anyway, just thought I'd give a little heads up to anyone following who may possibly take inspiration from this. 

Much Love 
Lauren Michelle

Your closet.
Your favourite shirt.
A piece of clothing or jewellery that was a gift
A shirt that you haven’t worn yet.
Your favourite pair of jeans.
A pair of pants that aren’t jeans.
A cute outfit of yours.
Your most expensive article of clothing.
A cute dress/ skirt.
An outfit you wore on a special day.
A piece of jewellery that a Grandparent gave you.
A piece of jewellery that everyone complements you on.
An outfit you wish you had.
Cute socks.
Your newest purchase.
You and someone wearing matching clothes.
An article of clothing that you made or altered.
A piece of jewelry that you made.
All your earrings, rings, necklaces and/or bracelets. 
Your jewelry box.
Something that you only wear around the house.
Something you only wear in the summer.
An article of clothing/ accessory that you consider lucky.
Your favorite pair of shoes.
Shoes you love but hardly wear.
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September 26, 2011

In respect of her presence

Had a small play about with my macro lens the other day -when putting out the dead bunch of flowers to replace them with a nice new beaming bunch of flowers- and had a bit of fun really. I like experimenting with photography a lot of the time, especially macro photography and making the images obscure. Anyway, thought I'd make a small post on another aspect of my life, I lost a lot of interest over the year as I didn't go out too much to capture these images however I think college will definitely relight this love.

Please leave any feedback or photography you'd like me to look at and comment on, I'm always happy to help.
Much Love
Lauren Michelle