October 30, 2011

Sunday Portrait #6

1. Hello my darlings, it is coming to the end of the month now which means Halloween, Bonfire Night (if you're English) and then Christmas so I'm extremely excited for that! I've also been away on half term, which I have attempted to keep up with my blog posts but Friday I did fall behind due to the fact I have been out and about this week. I've only used my camera one this week which is a shame, I need to start using it much more often in future! I'm finally getting a tripod, my boyfriend doesn't use his so he said I could have it, so this means I'll be able to stand in my garden like a tool and take photos of me looking like a tool! However this is good as I'll be able to get some photos where I'm not squeezed between my window and bed and therefore actually get a full outfit in rather than just my face and shoulders.
2. So here is my half term rounded up in a few sentences; Monday I spent all day in bed until late evening where I went to Jennie's to have a girls night where we ate pizza, curry and played Just Dance where me and Shannan got down to Shakira/Beyonce Beautiful Liar; Tuesday I left from Jennie's and arrived at Joe's where I played Dead Island and I'm pretty sure we watched a film I just can't remember which one; Wednesday me and my mother went for a walk along the beach with Rusty where it then poured down with rain and we had a 15 minute walk where we was soaked to our pants, that evening Lucy did my roots up; Thursday I went out for lunch with my mum and her friend Julia to look after her small children which was eventful; Friday I went to Joe's and we watched the Toy Stories and my Dead Island game was wiped; Saturday I spent in bed reading Bird Song; 
3. Which only leaves today, it's the Sunday before going back to college, so I think every other student agrees this is when we're going to complete all the work we've put off until last minute. This also means I'm going to have to stop at Jennie's at one point to collect the sheets I needed from English Lang on our Character Profile, ops. But anyway, I'm at 40 followers now, which is pretty amazing in my humble opinion considering I've only been using this since September (properly) and I'm just going to thank EVERYONE, you're all amazing! Also note how I have a facebook page, I know it seems cheeky to ask but if you could like it I'd greatly appreciate it, but even so I'm still happy!

How has your week or half term been?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle 

Note how I've been on two holidays to the Med this year and I'm still so pale

 I actually love this one, I'm not even sure why, I'm pulling a ridiculous face.
 Me and the Hen, I know I look awful, don't judge.
Getting down and shaking it.


  1. you guys are too cute!



  2. Your friends are so cute! It sounds like you're having a good time!

  3. I can't wait for bonfire night. Sounds like you had a good half term x

  4. your hair is awesome:)


  5. Awh so sweet!

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