October 23, 2011

£100 to spend in Dorothy Perkins

£100 in Dorothy Perkins, it'd be a lie to say this is one of my most visited high street stores however my aim with this challenge as such is to put together an outfit from a variety of high street (and possibly moving onto designer) stores and widen my view on their clothing range. 

Everyone says the typical clothings for Autumn are mustards, caramels, camel tones and burgundy but I disagree strongly; bright colours bring connotations of happiness, fun and plain radiance so why should all these feelings stop just because we have to shove on a thicker pair of tights and a more suitable jacket, I say they should live on throughout the winter and bring that extra bit of sun to the ground that our sky fails to provide. 

Last year I was dying for a cable knit cardigan but my mother refused to pay for any of the ones high street stores provided due to the massive price tag, considering they weren't all that thick I guess it was a good thing I didn't waste that precious money in fairness. However, after spotting this cardigan I feel that I may be in need of purchasing one after all, how could you not resist something that looks so inviting?

I'm loving these trousers, they look sleek, sophisticated and oh so obviously colourful. Pairing a pair of these could be tricky some mornings, but my God when they're put together well they'll look perfect, the thing with pop colours this season is to do it rather subtly unlike with the summer when it was pile 3 colours or shades together, hence why I've matched it up to a pair of gorgeous hot pink heels -contrasting colours work so well in small subtle doses carefully placed together.

The socks would be optional, put them on rolled down and you get a cute and casual look whereas without them it's serious and strong. Simple details change the entire mood of an outfit and that's what I love about fashion, everything has to be thought about to get the right appeal across. Like I said earlier, Dorothy Perkins isn't always my first option when it comes to shopping but I feel that I need to make a serious change about these feelings and make my move in there a little more often.

What do you think about pop colours following through to the A/W season? Love or hate?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

Cardigan: £32.50 Blouse: £10 Trousers: £12 Shoes: £40 Socks: £3.50
Total: £98


  1. love the pink heels, they have some similar ones in Aldo which i've been longing for x

  2. Gorgeous heels.

  3. hey, you left your blog on my ifb group and i am absolutely following you. lovely to meet a fellow british blogger, and i totes agree and want that cardigan. be lovely if you checked my blog out too x


  4. Like you I rarely visit Dorothy Perkins, but that chunky cardigan is beautiful.



  5. LOVE the cream chunky knit cardi and the blouse ! I'm not one to take on the challenge of bright colors in autumn as I like to tone down as the weather does x

  6. The shoes are lush!


  7. I love DP! To be honest I've only started shopping there but they do have some lovely pieces!

    Found you on IFB, loving the blog and following.