October 05, 2011

We'll all take our chances

1. Sorry to have failed you all, but I'm afraid the 30 day challenge is now ending only two days in, this is not because I'm lazy, not organised and cannot be bothered to attempt to keep up with it but due to it taking up blogging time and space which didn't catch many peoples attention, it was boring basically, and not only for the viewer but also for me, and didn't look like it would improve at all over the course of the month. So I'm sorry for those who were actually interested in this -although I highly doubt this was many- but it's completely done with and I shall not be going back. This makes blogging interesting now, for me and you. It gives me back that slight sense of freedom of having to post once a day (rather than the annoying twice) about whatever I like, whether it be fashion or my clothing. I need to practise my journalism skills, not analyse my wardrobe. 
2. This is today's outfit. Simple but sweet. Topshop produced a similar version of this dress back in April and people went wild for it, and nearly everyone I saw was wearing it. I found this whilst searching for summer crop tops back in April just before my birthday; it's practically identical to the topshop version, the only difference is the fabric and collar. It's one of those dresses that can be worn in any situation, different shoes and accessories give the outfit different connotations. I paired it with loafers, my cat cameo necklace and a black cardigan (originally it was my grey fair aisle cardigan, but my misjudgement of the weather resulted in a change which caused a mild chill). 
3. I never got a chance to tell people what I bought at the convention on Sunday, I bought some American sweets (3 flavours of Wonka's nerds) , the cat cameo necklace which I think is adorable and some small presents for Joe. Along with my two autographs of course. I love the necklace, it's so adorable and simple to wear with anything. Anyway, this generally was a quick update and hope you are all doing good.

Has the weather been topsy turvy for everyone today or just the South?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle


  1. oh gosh! you are so cute! i love your dress, polka dots are such an adorable dress pattern.


  2. Super cute outfit and you look like a doll :) Following you from IFB!


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    Have a great weekend!



  3. that dress is way to cute *-*


  4. Haha omg I love your blog name - blatantly honest and puts a smile on my face :)

    I love the hue of your hair color. I would have died for blonde hair but I got stuck with brown and it takes forever to lighten it that color >.<


    Hope youll stop by!

  5. Super cute dress! Love it a lot!!!


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    let`s visit and maybe follow us too:)

    xoxo K&M from www.fashion-ache.blogspot.com

  7. OMG, I love the cat necklace. I am such a cat lady! I blogged about my little cat (who has the flattest but cutest face!) - please pop by my blog when you've got time, i'd love for you to virtually meet him! :) I'm like one of those proud parents who are always bragging about their children, i'm like that with the cat! xxx

  8. love the dress, it's so sweet! You look perfect, like a doll :)