October 31, 2011

But I can't stop staring at those evil eyes

I recently discovered Yayer, a small online shop, and since finding it I've been lusting over their clothing for some time now. I think what attracted me most towards them was the fact they have the style of Asos and Topshop mixed together creating this wonderful urban street style which people -including me- are constantly aiming to achieve. They have reasonable prices, good quality clothing which definatly has it's own unique style. With cutting edge designs, who wouldn't want an item or two from here?

I've picked 10 of my favourite items on the site that I am dying to have, yet my budget will only go so far and will have to pick one item of the lot. It's easy to see why people like Yayer though, it's up to date with the latest fashion trends; girl grunge, pretty aztec and gothic chic. They know what they're making will sell for sure, and I'm defiantly going to increase their income! Whilst providing us with a modern appeal we're also given vintage clothing which suits to many fashion lovers as the 60's and 70's are pushing through with chunky knits, bold colours and abstract shapes and patterns.

Yayer is the perfect online store, with the right amount of clothing and not mass productions so you have to trawl through every page and choose between a million items but instead choose between the entire shop. I'm lusting after them so bad it hurts.

Much Love
Lauren Michelle


  1. Hey! Love your blog, found it through IFB!

    I just followed you, would love if you follwed me back :)


  2. i love yayer, i always want everything on their site! x