July 08, 2011

i'm gonna make your head burn

England's weather is so unpredictable I swear, it's almost as moody as me during my menstrual cycle. I tried to throw together a weather friendly outfit without sticking on a hoodie or my Harrington because I like to look slightly lady like but I needed to be warm so I wore a blouse, turns out it was actually quite hot half way through going out and I started to get all hot and clammy and disgusting, which greatly upsets me, then later it started raining and blowing a gail and I was bloody freezing and disliked this a lot as well!

I stopped in one charity shop, but I got a bit bored cause I had no where to put my umbrella and it wasn't the best store down the road but the other one was too far for my energy levels so I just went to Joseph's instead as that was far more "interesting" than walking in the rain and wind. 

What I like about this outfit is the simplicity of it, it just looks clean and fresh and I like it. If I get to wear this (I doubt it if we get a half decent summer this year) I'll possibly add in a medium sized necklace to add in some small detail. Apart from that I'm fairly happy, I wore my loafers as per usual with them, although I do wish I had a different pair of shoes seeing as since my brogues fell apart they're what I wear with any outfits which don't match my black espadrilles.

As you can clearly see here my nose ring is MASSIVE and I actually hate it because it looks so stupid, however it does make my nose look slightly smaller which is an upside to consider. I've got a plan of action for tomorrow so hopefully I'll find time to change it over without causing too much damage and pain. (I attempting to take it out after putting it in due to have a great hatred for it but it got stuck and I couldn't move it so I ended up pushing it back in and leaving it, lets hope second time round I don't cry)

Blouse: My mums
Cardi: Primark
Jeans: Primark

July 07, 2011

sipping gin and juice

I never got to post this outfit because I got back late and became lazy and just didn't upload it. This was taken on the week where England had a huge phase of being very very hot and this was all I could manage to wear, even then I had to resort to being in my underwear and standing in front of the fan on full blast so I didn't over heat and possibly pass out, I felt so groggy and disgusting and couldn't even hug Joe because we were so sticky. We did plan on going out, but I think I would of gotten burnt to a crisp and died. 

I haven't worn my hair in the middle parting recently because I got kind of put of it, however I still don't know whether I like it more than the side fringe I've got going on. Even so my hair is in AWFUL condition and my mum keeps telling me to cut it all really short and start over and do it right this time, but it's take sooo long to get it to this length and I'm not sure. 

Also, not to brag I'm loving my body in this photo, not going to lie I look a lot better than I did a few months back.

Top: Primark
Shorts: DIY

You could of done more

I may of gone a bit made with my shopping yesterday, however I am rather pleased with my purchases. (although it would be lovely to spend a bit more) I finally invested in a second bikini for my holiday meaning I won't go about just wearing one, I should try on the one from last year and see if I can squeeze my chest into it meaning I'll have three. I've also changed over my nose stud to a ring however it is actually MASSIVE and I need to get a smaller one so I look less idiotic. 

I also got an iPod touch 4th gen which is brilliant because I wanted one for ages but never had the money myself to buy it and didn't fancy asking my mum to, but my sister got to see Take That for free (she was meant to pay but it's been 7 months so I guess it's not happening) so my mum said she'd buy it as I was really dissappointed due to not going myself. She also bought me a Take That top which I love, however I do need to hide the "Progress Live 2011" as I wasn't there, ops. 

I'm going on holiday Saturday which means I have 1 day to get everything sorted, this is actually going to be my biggest challenge tonight/tomorrow/Saturday. Tonight I need to get any music I want onto my iPod, plan out the clothing I shall be packing, preparing my make up bag (what I can of it at least) and making lists. Tomorrow I'm going to get up at 8:00 and leave at 9 to go for a bike ride round to any charity shops I can find within my distance/range before heading to town to check out Primark and get a new nose ring at withit. Then I'll pop round to my boyfriends (by the way, if you like minecraft check out his youtube here as him as his friends are hilarious) come home and pack everything I want into a bag with the towels and prepare my little carry case bag. 

Also, what do you think of my new bedspread? I actually love it. Cannot believe I went into Wilko's to get a totally different bed cover and came out with this, however I much prefer it, mum also loves it because it means she doesn't have to iron it!

            Take That Tour                                                                                                          Primark

            Matalan                                                                                                                     Matalan

            Primark                                                                                                                     Matalan

            Primark                                                                                                                     Matalan

            Priceless (kids section due to tiny feet)                                                                     Primark

            Primark                                                                                                                 Wilkinsons

July 03, 2011

yeah we danced on table tops

Last night was prom and there was a major disaster of not being able to fit into my dress the night before, as usual I panicked and got angry at everyone and managed to break down into tears however not all hope was loss as my mum called up a dress maker and LUCKILY she managed to fit in a readjustment for my dress (it was originally zip up but she added a panel with hoops and made it into a corset so I could breathe) which brought the cost of it up to £120 which still was a fraction of the price it originally comes at. (Betsey Johnson, £400 for a dress brand new, bargain!) 

My hair was also a last minute disaster as I decided I wouldn't call up any salons and book to get it done because I wasn't bothered till I couldn't do anything nice with it myself, so I bought a cheap Primark headband and my mum got an appointment at Toni and Guy (my first AND last ever trip there) which cost £40 but the photos show that it was worth it due to the fact it didn't fall out of place once. My make up was done in boots however I put on mascara myself as the brand the woman used on my trial was disgusting and made my eyelashes all stick together and not look long and luscious at all!

Come the end of the night my shoes were gone, however I made it to 3 hours in them but I couldn't stand the pain of the blister and I felt like I was going to snap in half! I danced with Paddy (he's the really tall one) and Olly (who isn't in these photos) and some of my old friends but spent half the night outside really talking. Prom was definately over rated but it was lovely to be with my friends for "the last time" as such.

Cannot believe 4 inch heels still manage to make me look like a complete midget next to these boys, 6ft4 and 5ft10 is not a good look for the 5ft1 girl. Do not enjoy being the small one in the group :( Oh and how amazing is that car!