July 07, 2011

sipping gin and juice

I never got to post this outfit because I got back late and became lazy and just didn't upload it. This was taken on the week where England had a huge phase of being very very hot and this was all I could manage to wear, even then I had to resort to being in my underwear and standing in front of the fan on full blast so I didn't over heat and possibly pass out, I felt so groggy and disgusting and couldn't even hug Joe because we were so sticky. We did plan on going out, but I think I would of gotten burnt to a crisp and died. 

I haven't worn my hair in the middle parting recently because I got kind of put of it, however I still don't know whether I like it more than the side fringe I've got going on. Even so my hair is in AWFUL condition and my mum keeps telling me to cut it all really short and start over and do it right this time, but it's take sooo long to get it to this length and I'm not sure. 

Also, not to brag I'm loving my body in this photo, not going to lie I look a lot better than I did a few months back.

Top: Primark
Shorts: DIY

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  1. I love this outfit! It definitely has this British touch that love!