July 08, 2011

i'm gonna make your head burn

England's weather is so unpredictable I swear, it's almost as moody as me during my menstrual cycle. I tried to throw together a weather friendly outfit without sticking on a hoodie or my Harrington because I like to look slightly lady like but I needed to be warm so I wore a blouse, turns out it was actually quite hot half way through going out and I started to get all hot and clammy and disgusting, which greatly upsets me, then later it started raining and blowing a gail and I was bloody freezing and disliked this a lot as well!

I stopped in one charity shop, but I got a bit bored cause I had no where to put my umbrella and it wasn't the best store down the road but the other one was too far for my energy levels so I just went to Joseph's instead as that was far more "interesting" than walking in the rain and wind. 

What I like about this outfit is the simplicity of it, it just looks clean and fresh and I like it. If I get to wear this (I doubt it if we get a half decent summer this year) I'll possibly add in a medium sized necklace to add in some small detail. Apart from that I'm fairly happy, I wore my loafers as per usual with them, although I do wish I had a different pair of shoes seeing as since my brogues fell apart they're what I wear with any outfits which don't match my black espadrilles.

As you can clearly see here my nose ring is MASSIVE and I actually hate it because it looks so stupid, however it does make my nose look slightly smaller which is an upside to consider. I've got a plan of action for tomorrow so hopefully I'll find time to change it over without causing too much damage and pain. (I attempting to take it out after putting it in due to have a great hatred for it but it got stuck and I couldn't move it so I ended up pushing it back in and leaving it, lets hope second time round I don't cry)

Blouse: My mums
Cardi: Primark
Jeans: Primark


  1. Loveee your hair! So cute <3

    xx Bonnie


  2. I loveee your hair