July 07, 2011

You could of done more

I may of gone a bit made with my shopping yesterday, however I am rather pleased with my purchases. (although it would be lovely to spend a bit more) I finally invested in a second bikini for my holiday meaning I won't go about just wearing one, I should try on the one from last year and see if I can squeeze my chest into it meaning I'll have three. I've also changed over my nose stud to a ring however it is actually MASSIVE and I need to get a smaller one so I look less idiotic. 

I also got an iPod touch 4th gen which is brilliant because I wanted one for ages but never had the money myself to buy it and didn't fancy asking my mum to, but my sister got to see Take That for free (she was meant to pay but it's been 7 months so I guess it's not happening) so my mum said she'd buy it as I was really dissappointed due to not going myself. She also bought me a Take That top which I love, however I do need to hide the "Progress Live 2011" as I wasn't there, ops. 

I'm going on holiday Saturday which means I have 1 day to get everything sorted, this is actually going to be my biggest challenge tonight/tomorrow/Saturday. Tonight I need to get any music I want onto my iPod, plan out the clothing I shall be packing, preparing my make up bag (what I can of it at least) and making lists. Tomorrow I'm going to get up at 8:00 and leave at 9 to go for a bike ride round to any charity shops I can find within my distance/range before heading to town to check out Primark and get a new nose ring at withit. Then I'll pop round to my boyfriends (by the way, if you like minecraft check out his youtube here as him as his friends are hilarious) come home and pack everything I want into a bag with the towels and prepare my little carry case bag. 

Also, what do you think of my new bedspread? I actually love it. Cannot believe I went into Wilko's to get a totally different bed cover and came out with this, however I much prefer it, mum also loves it because it means she doesn't have to iron it!

            Take That Tour                                                                                                          Primark

            Matalan                                                                                                                     Matalan

            Primark                                                                                                                     Matalan

            Primark                                                                                                                     Matalan

            Priceless (kids section due to tiny feet)                                                                     Primark

            Primark                                                                                                                 Wilkinsons

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