November 01, 2011

It's one more thing to do

The gormless look was accidental and I only got 3 images of my face, and although this may seem strange this was the better of them. I managed to do my hair and actually like it for once, most likely because I had a little extra time this morning and was getting ready by myself, Joe usually comes round in the morning so I don't get much time to get ready as I'm fussing over talking to him and making sure he doesn't make a mess!

I've made myself the velvet skirt, I could of done with 2 metres of fabric rather than 1.5 but it's still doing it's job which is to look fabulous. I've got another project on the horizon, in fact 4 projects which makes like a little hard but I reckon if I plan my time correctly it will be easy enough. But just a little thank you for every one who's viewed, followed and commented my blog even if many people haven't always stuck around. I'm feeling extremely proud of myself currently and I'm loving doing what I do. So thank you!

So who likes the velvet skirt, and who would want one?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle


  1. I really like that outfit and every piece of it.
    It is a tad doll-like, and a bit kitsch too in the good way!
    I also like the editing. It makes me think of how one can retreat after partying, in the room's security.
    Inspiring, I'll come back!

  2. Cute velvet it'll be great for winter as it can be dressed up or down (: