November 06, 2011

Sunday Portrait #7

1. First Sunday of the month aye, soon enough it'll be first Sunday of December then Sunday of Christmas. However exciting! Also the first Sunday post of my second half of being at college, Christ that sounds terrifying! It's gone oh so very quick and I'm not sure how I feel about this. Everything should be on track currently which is good, things are moving so fast I'm not sure if I like it.
2. Last night was Bonfire Night as many people from the UK will know, it can be an amazing thing and some people go completely all out on fireworks and making the event and night extremely special. I went to my mum's friend's house for the fireworks and then afterwards my neighbours to see their finale and it was all so beautiful and lovely. I'll have a set of the photos up some time this week once I sort through them.
3. I've spent today working on a present for my boyfriend that was meant to be done a month or so ago, ops. But that's what today has been filled with, but tomorrow I'm hoping to go into town and purchase some material to make yet another skirt. Winter isn't the best season for them but by god I love them!

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

PS. I apologise for the bad picture, my camera was severely misbehaving last night!