November 08, 2011

Everybody wants to be a cat

This is from yesterday but even so, my hair and make up turned out really well which is often shocking for me as I'm so rushed in the morning and I decided to get some photos and couldn't lie to you all now could I. I didn't get any reasonable photos of my actual outfit as the window sill is the hardest place to get photos from, but the best place for lighting in the mornings. I love this blouse, it's a 16 and was my mum's from years ago -when she was pregnant with me, it's soft, so big that it might as well be a bat wing blouse and generally good for over sizing. The only issue is that I has to be tucked into a skirt, not even trousers because it bunches up.

I'm actually glad I didn't get a photo today, I'd not bothered to do my hair and barely put on any make up and just threw on some slouchy cloths. College was too tiring and lazy to make an effort for this morning. Soon as I finished I went to town and got some bits and bobs, make up, fabric glue costing £7 -best be good stuff or I'll be unhappy! I also bought some milk tea (it's the best drink in the entire world) which always perks up my day and reminds me of when I visited China, it's just amazing and I don't know how they do it, I always buy it if I'm in town since the Yammy opened.
How was everyone's day today then? Did you get rained on like I did this morning?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

PS. That's Solar (also referred to as cat-cat) who conveniently got into the shot, in fact it's my favourite photo out of the lot which is odd.


  1. Nice blog , i came by chance , you're so cute ^^
    Great hairs ;)

  2. you're right;)
    Everybody wants to be a cat !
    I like your style :)
    come on ;)