November 10, 2011

Were you ever my age?

Thought I'd throw a few things together today after college to cure boredom and remembered I have this lovely top but I don't actually have anything considered decent to wear beneath it apart from this pretty black bra, therefore it stays in my closet as college wouldn't agree with this. I over wear this skirt, it's just so easy and practical. I love it. 

Do you have any items you wear a little bit too much, or any thing you haven't had a chance to wear yet?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle


  1. i love reading your blog. the everybody wants to be a cat post was really cute. also, very cute ensembles. keep it up ;)

  2. Lately I've been doning jeggings a little too much! Haha, anyways, why dont you wear a black or white dress underneath that pretty sheer top with a belt :) It could be cute!