November 05, 2011

I'll make you banana pancakes

So I ordered a Graze box on Wednesday, due to a very helpful code which allowed my first box to be free! I've been so excited to get it and spent ages deciding on the different things I'd happily try. For £3.49 I think it's amazing value; it's small enough to slot in your bag to take along to work so you have a healthy -or not so healthy- snack throughout the day, or for lazy Sundays it keeps you from snacking on chocolate. 

With my box I got; apple and cinnamon flapjack, which is absolutely beautiful I'm attempting to save the last piece for tomorrow; the beach, a combination of dried mango, pineapple and banana, I'm not a fan of the dried banana but it's still nice; golden honey nut cashews, I have a ridiculous love for them it's not right; and lastly the banana split, cashews, Belgian chocolate puffed rice and obviously banana. It's all so lovely and I think I may make this a fortnightly thing.

If you fancy claiming a Graze box for free use this code: D65HVZ6D and your first box will be free. I think it's a brilliant thing, each and everyone of you should defiantly try one. Whether this be your first or last, give it a go! 

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

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  1. this looks delicious! I wish I was in the UK so I could use the code