October 03, 2011

Day One: My Closet

Here it it, freshly packed with all the washing I was meant to put away a good two days ago but being me and lazy I have not. I'm not sure what I can say apart from I used to be very tidy, in fact it was all lined up perfectly in colour order. However, that made finding my favourite things a lot harder so I just put all the really nice things at the front, and the other bits get pushed to the back. I've been meaning to clean it out and throw things onto eBay but I never find the time (or miss the free listing) but with winter coming I'll need room for lots of jumpers and warm layering items. Cannot contain my excitement for winter!

What's your closet like? Is it neat and tidy with everything ordered in a certain way, or are you like me and just throw things into it?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle 

PS. Sorry about the bowl, I'm not a complete tramp but I took this in the morning and I eat breakfast as I get dressed because it means more sleeping time, less getting ready time!


  1. Oh my god, you have so many clothes I'm so jealous! xx

  2. Yours looks lovely and tidy, I try to keep mine tidy too but it's definitely due a de-clutter, it's completely full!

    Sadie x