October 03, 2011

[Late] Sunday Portrait #4

1. Okay, I've not blogged in a good week now and for those who enjoy my blog I do apologise as I've been rather stressed/busy with college, boyfriend, and relaxing however I am trying to get a more organised schedule down and I even have a cute little diary to show this -nothing has been written down obviously but once ideas start flowing they'll be down! 

2. I did promise to start my 30 day challenge but had an issue as the entire weekend I was away at London at this convention meeting the one and only David Tennant, it was an amazing day even if I had to wake up at 5 in the morning to get ready and to the event place for half 6 to queue. My sister called me up on Saturday saying if I caught an earlier train I could come get Arthur Darvill's autograph if I wanted so I caught at train at half 2 all in the name of Doctor Who. I'm a massive geek deep down, I can't even pretend I'm not. 

3. At the event I managed to meet Evanna Lynch, Paul McGann, Arthur Darvill, the man who plays Winston Churchill in Doctor Who, Georgia Moffett and obviously David Tennant. David Tennant was lovely as well, when I went to get his autograph I told him how I watched all the Doctor Who episodes of his instead of revising (ops, not the best option) and he asked if I did well (which in all modesty, I did really well) and advised it to all and then continued to ask about what I'm doing at college and where I want to take that. No one can understand how much I nearly cried after all this because he had finished signing both mine and my sisters autograph by the time he got to asking about my GCSE's. Life is perfect.

How was all of your weekends? What have you done?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle


  1. Awh, the jealousy I am sending you from Germany is huge! becaus a) they don't play Doctor Who here (they did for a while, but this strange british girl must have been the only one watching it, so it got cancelled) and b) David Tennant! ldskjbvkjvnloJSAÖLdmkfvn ♥