October 04, 2011

Two hundred degrees that's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit

Do you ever see a sale on a website, and then spend hours going through each page one by one repeatedly till you find the perfect item? Then usually once you come across the items you practically desire they've sold out? Well, up until tonight I thought it was a curse that was completely unavoidable destroying my dreams cheap yet beautiful clothing. 

I'm unsure what possessed me to look at the New Look website, online shopping hasn't been on my agenda for a while, but I'm so glad I did because I found some right beauties here and not only are they beautiful they're the biggest bargain I've come across in a long time. Originally both these pairs of shorts were £20, so put that together it'd come to a grand total of £40 which would be well out of my budget and then completely ignored; however, the beige pair had been subtracted to £7 whilst the navy on £10 which still makes the pair cheaper than the original price of them. I love shorts for winter, it's mad considering we've just had summer but pairing them up with thick tights and boots is my favourite option. The blazer originally started out at a shocking £34, in my opinion that's ridiculous and I'd never pay out that amount of money, but bringing it down to £12, along with reality, I find it is a much more reasonable price. And the shoes, well they're gorgeous in my opinion. I've been searching for a pair of booties for so long, but none have ever been cheap and good quality so I gave up with the search but after seeing a £10 reduction they were the first thing I made sure I had. So overall I spent a good £49, however my gift card reduced it to £29 which is far better.

Shopping is a great passion, but I never have the money to spend. Any one else feel this way?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle


  1. I love shopping, but rarely buy anything :( But I love those shoes! And the blazer is gorgeous :)