October 23, 2011

Sunday Portrait #5

1. I've been gone for now 2 weeks, I think that's correct and although I should have many reasons to why this has been happening I can't even pretend to say that I do. I guess my main reason is the stress I am feeling from college, I have so much work to do and I'm constantly putting in a lot of effort to try and do my best. So I guess that's a reason why I haven't been posting, and also another reason is I've got a lot of family stress currently going on with my Grandmother so I'm having to work my way round that. 
2. I've also been attempting to make a few items, in preparation for a possibly give away for Christmas. However I'm unsure of what I want to pass on to my followers, possibly a few items I'll make/DIY. Either way, I've made two rather lovely looking skirts and I'm trying to plan how to make a pair of leggings from velvet. Once I get round to doing it I'll take some photos and show you wonderful lot how to make them. 
3. I am now on half term, and so far have only 2 events planned out. One being a girlie night with some college people, and the second meeting up with my mother and her friend for lunch and to see her gorgeous little bubbas. But hopefully this will result in some serious posting throughout the week, I've already got two posts for this week planned out and some little surprises if I manage to get round to doing them. 
4. Tuesday is my granddad's (Nibbs) birthday, so he and my nan are over for dinner tonight which will be nice because I haven't spent time with them in a while due to them always jetting off somewhere! Don't know how they can keep doing it at all, madness I say. I'm so excited for a roast dinner, they're my second favourite thing about winter (along side with stews). Cannot believe how soon Christmas is at all, crazy crazy stuff! I've still got nothing planned for Halloween though, maybe I'll persuade Jennie into watching scary films with me.

What have you all got planned for Halloween then? 

Much Love
Lauren Michelle


  1. Lovely post, i hope u have fun this week and to not get too further stressed out from college. I know how u feel, uni for me is hard.
    And your camera has awesome quality to it!
    and ur hair is lush! xx

  2. What gorgeous hair you have. I am running a 5k in costume- going as Lara Croft- Tomb Raider. :)
    That's about my only Halloween plan. Cute blog!


  3. Naw, hope school work dies down a bit for you so you can relax this week! You really do have great hair.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  4. following your blog now, I love your hair!! And I saw a post further down, and was thinking, gee, her boyfriend looks a lot like david tennant...

    oh, it was david tennant!