October 04, 2011

Day Two: My Favourite Top

In all honesty, not much effort when into choosing a favourite top and considering I have so many -as my wardrobe post displayed- you'd think choosing would be merely impossible. Alas, this was the t-shirt that made it to the top of my list and came out to be my favourite, it's just so easy to mix up to create a different mood to each outfit. Band tops tend to be easy to put together as an outfit, especially types like this where there is not established logo, it can be made grunge with a black body-con skirt, tights and hoodie but personally I like to girl up the outfit with my floral Doc Martens; it can be matched with roll up jeans and casual shoes like loafers or brogues; and lastly to possibly make this an evening outfit it can be paired with a high waisted chiffon skirt, and heels. Maybe it's only me who feels like this with a band tops, but I just feel they're so easy to create an outfit with.

Now for those who may or may not be familiar with this t-shirt, it is in fact a Cobra Starship top that has been proudly hung in my wardrobe for 3 years now. Complete madness, but completely true. It's became so tight that cutting off the arms to allow some room for stretching was the only way I could still have this as a t-shirt. I'm still not ready to part with it.

Having a jam packed wardrobe isn't as brilliant as it seems, most of the items hanging in there are crying out to be worn and are wasting away in there. I'm feeling an early Spring Cleaning session will be going ahead in binning and selling some clothing, but I'm such a hoarder!

So who else is like me and has a rather odd favourite item of clothing, and who else hoards things they don't need nor wear?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

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