December 11, 2011

Sunday Portrait #10

1. I'm back to my usual spot, this week the parents have been home so photographing myself hasn't been particularly top of my list as I barely get to see them in the evening after college so I spent a bit of time with them and my boyfriend having meals and such like. Also, I think this will continue to be my Sunday Portrait area, I have time in the mornings on Sunday to capture the right lighting which good.
2. I went to London with my sister Sunday to see Puss in Boots, which was amazing and bought this poster in the background (originally for my boyfriend) because it's rather wonderful. I like that it's not tied to any of the Doctor's either, so my love for Tennant isn't taken over my Smith.
3. I've have a hair cut, well "fringe cut", and it's so weird and different and I don't think I look a thing like me any more. I've wanted to get a full fringe for months now, but being the whimp I am never got the guts to do it until yesterday where I had no choice once I was in the chair. Overall, I love it. It's so much easier so far to look after, the only issue is I can't sweep all my hair back onto the top of my head now!

Much Love
Lauren Michelle oxo

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