December 01, 2011

Merry Christmas, everyone

There's been a few changes to my blog now that the month has changed, I think the main one is where my images have been taken; recently my family have been doing a lot of work on my house and we've finished our beautiful sparkling white shower room, which just so happens to have the best lighting in the house after college. Winter is a right pain as it means I don't have good light before or after college for images, so now I have to place myself in this new area although I am a fan of it. 

Today ended up resulting in me getting rained on; going on the back of my boyfriends moped down the dirt track outside my house; me riding it 3cms before freaking out and getting off; and finding this hat which smells like wood shavings. (Possibly my favourite smell in the world)

Don't you love it when you get to wear new items of clothing, when they feel fresh and new and just lovely? I bought my t-shirt yesterday as soon as I saw it, and my mother bought me the Topshop creepers the other week for doing good deeds, and the socks are sparkly and slightly festive for Christmas! It may be winter, but that doesn't stop me wearing tights, shorts and a extremely long t-shirt to look like a dress, I'll wrap up with winter warmies if I get cold! I've also got my HIV ribbon on and I'm hoping all my darling followers to show their respect also.

Who's got their winter clothing already, or are you all still pretending it's summer like me?

Much Love
Lauren Michelle oxo

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