September 18, 2011

You got your daddy's wallet

Okay I think it's apparent I have a mad obsession for shoes, but they are the best accessory a girl can ask for are they not? For me shoes can easily be the main part of an outfit,  take Doc Martens for example; you could easily pair up black skinny jeans with an oversized white with top and then any colour or style Doc's would bring the outfit to life really, or a pair of statement heels which could easily change the mood/attitude of the outfit. Now I'm not saying this this classes for all outfits, because a small pair of ballet pumps give the outfit omph rather than the shoes. 

However, do you not agree these new Doc Martens are rather beautiful? I was casually scrolling ebay for a cheap pair of plain black to bid on when these came from no where and truly captured my heart. I've never seen them before so I have a feeling they are like the pastel coloured and are a limited edition set and by God do I need these in my life; it's a shame that they cost a massive £94 but still, I think if I had a job all my wages would go towards the green pair of these - although I do want the silver to pretend to be an astronaut. 

If you could have any pair of shoes in the entire world what would you have?


  1. i want some leather brothel creepers, saving up! :) but i love docs <3 xxxxx

  2. Love these, the teal pair are gorgeous!

  3. ommmmg! love all!!!! the pinks are my favouritess!!! <3<3

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  4. Think the blue ones of them are my fave. My mate has some bright green ones I love them. I couldn't choose if i could have any pair of shoes in the world..x

  5. Any me think..
    probably it would be a pair of ugg bootes or a pair of Camper bootes. Both are so comfortable AND expenisve, so I cant afford to buy them-and when I e-bay, I can never bid them,always someone else wins :(

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