September 11, 2011

Sunday Portrait #1

Unfortunately I haven't got a photo of me today because I'm lazy and also I'm "attempting" to tidy my room, but these are photos from very late last night which I count as today so here is my Sunday portrait and outfit I got yesterday. 

I'm not sure what it is but something about Primark isn't as appealing as it once was, I mean I was shopping in there and only a couple of items really appealed to me, and the ones that did weren't in my size so the choice was invalid of what I could have. However I found some frilly socks which I have been wanting for so long, and I took the plunge and bought the berry coloured leggings because they'll be perfect with a shirt (like the one I found in the Primark sale) and a nice oversize Aryan wool cardi. If any one knows a decent (and cheap place) I could find one, please leave me a link or something because I'm desperate! 

The photo below shows the two day transformation I made with my hair colour, all a bit mad when you think about it, but luckily it's been over a week so the ginger has faded, the yellow has toned to a nice white/silver and it looks pretty awful still but I'm not unhappy with it. 

Oh also, I've become rather addicted to Dead Island and if anyone owns it and fancies sending it down to me so I can play it when I'm not at Joe's I'll be super dooper happy. 

Leave a comment saying what you think of the new colour, love you all oxo

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