September 25, 2011

Sunday Portrait #3

1. In a week it's apparent my hair has faded considerably less which has resulted in a less ginger me and a more blonde me, I'm also planning on getting my fringe cut not this week but the week after and putting lilac on it if the stand test goes well! But I'm thinking of getting a full/side fringe cut in because in the winter this hair is just uncontrollable really, I bet I'll pussy out as per usual if I can manage to make my hair beautiful like this every day. 
2. Mutti and I made brownies today, they didn't go all as well as we'd hoped but they are still perfect. Also went out to walk my grandma's dog but I came up a bit later and he saw me a good 5 or 7 metres down the road and ran at lightening speed towards me, oh he's such a little cutie. I'm now just relaxing on my bed watching x factor and wishing my boyfriend would talk to me.
3. Last week was the 3.5 year anniversary since my boyfriend and I got together, and the little cutie bought me 50 red roses and 3 teddy bears to go with the other 3 he'd previously bought me. I'm such a special girl, no lie. 

Hope you have all had a good weekend, I most defiantly did.

Lauren Michelle


  1. That's sweet of your boyfriend. Just use violet shampoo in your hair to make it blonder/ lighter, or leave in in overnight to make it go temperarily lilac just to see.x

  2. Your hair rocks my world

  3. what a nice blog with beautiful pictures! i really like it :)

    love, lola

  4. your hair looks great! İ bet a side fringe would look really nice too though. I like your idea about posting a weekly photo of yourself and a summary of the day, it's a cool idea. ^^

  5. Very nice make up an hair color!
    I like you post different interesting things at your post! Keep doing it! :)


  6. Very cool style!

    Best, Jenny