September 26, 2011

In respect of her presence

Had a small play about with my macro lens the other day -when putting out the dead bunch of flowers to replace them with a nice new beaming bunch of flowers- and had a bit of fun really. I like experimenting with photography a lot of the time, especially macro photography and making the images obscure. Anyway, thought I'd make a small post on another aspect of my life, I lost a lot of interest over the year as I didn't go out too much to capture these images however I think college will definitely relight this love.

Please leave any feedback or photography you'd like me to look at and comment on, I'm always happy to help.
Much Love
Lauren Michelle


  1. I really love the 3rd and 4th pics. Very cool!


  2. Hello, how are you doing?

    I saw you on IFB community, fabulous blog btw, so I am following you on BlogLovin.
    Feel free to check it out my blog, and let me know what you think.

    Lots of love from Brazil


  3. I so love your pictures! I follow you :)

  4. Wow, beautiful photos.

    Holli x