September 16, 2011

The dream maker's gonna make you mad

Oh Jeffrey Campbell, why must you cost an incredible amount for me to own such beauties. First purchase when I'm rich and living off my wealthy husband shall be a pair of mint Lita's followed by black leather Foxy's.

Anyone else a fan of Campbell? Leave a comment saying your favourite design of his. 


  1. Jeffrey Campbell is my LIFE. Like seriously, I spend so little on clothes which means I can splash out on JC's... I want to marry him! I have the glitter lita, glitter foxy and black lana, but I NEEEED the night walks. Sosososo bad! They're always sold out though :'( Love your blog! xx

  2. I love them all. How much are the last ones? I found this website through someones blog, they have a pair the same but for £80..

    They have really unique shoes and boots.

    Holli x