June 01, 2011

control yourself

I thought it'd be the best idea to take the long route to town so I stop in some charity shops and have a little mooch, turns out I only got 3 things. However, my favourite buy is the polka dot skirt and I cannot wait to have an event to be able to wear it out to. I like charity shops because it's my way of giving now that I'm out of school and unable to donate through that, seeing as college can't do "non-uni days" as every day is non-uniform.

I really like my maxi skirt, I've wanted to get one for so long but most are far too long on my body due to my height being a major issue, however if I wear it high enough it's not too much of a problem but I may have to secure it with a belt. I actually would love a black one, or maybe even a brightly coloured one. I think I need to invest in more tops though, or at least through out some of my lame ones which clog up my wardrobe and never get worn. 

I'm going to Centre Parc's with my boyfriends famalam on Friday, well his mother and her boyfriends children who I'm hoping I'll get along with however I do not know the ages or names... That's my first challenge for this weekend. Hopefully it'll be good fun and I'll have a nice time, even if it does result in ginger hair.

Red and yellow shirts £2, polka dot skirt £4 (charity shop), maxi skirt £12, pink top £8, pink jeans £10, striped vest £4, wedge cut out heels £12 (Primark), espadrilles (New Look) 

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