May 24, 2011

want your bad romance.

First blog post, thought I'd include a little outfit show to match really. I had my English Literature exam today, which means I never have to look at a GCSE anthology ever again after this day, however English does not stop here if I plan to follow the career path of being a journalist or writing short stories. Today was generally an easy day, forgetting the panic of waking up in time for school, as all the lessons left within my day were free lessons so I did a few mind maps and relaxed really. I have my Chemistry re-take tomorrow which will be interesting to see what of the questions I can actually answer, I'm sure I'll just end up napping however.

I love my black skinnys, they're comfy, easy to wear and match anything I throw together with it and my gaga t-shirt generally works with most items of clothing I possess, however I haven't had an event in which I can wear my heels to yet. They are really casual but I don't want to wear them out for a general outing, maybe if I go to the cinema any time soon I'll add a few inches to my height. Never the less, I doubt this will be read but it's nice to do something productive with my time.

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