February 12, 2012

Sunday Portrait #12

01. It's been a while, well 2 months to be honest and I really have no excuse apart from the fact I am lazy and not had any motivation nor luck with lighting this winter. However, I am starting fresh next week with a change of hair colour, quite a big move from being blonde since the "start" of this blog so it'll be a bit of an adjustment after being this weird blonde colour for around half a year but I need a change.
02. I'm heading of to New York next week so I shall be taking my camera everywhere and just getting continuous snaps which I'll be uploading to my flickr for you, I'll make a small selection of instagram images from my favourites to go on here the weekend I'm back hopefully. I hope to find some cute jazzy outfits to add to my inspiration and such like because the weather is so bitter right now it's resulted to me turning to plain normal and boring outfits, although I shall be scouring ebay/the streets for cute new tops to add to my wardrobe. 
03. I've now got a dog, well he was my Grandma's but we've had to take him in as she's no longer in any state to look after him and he's just depressed which is unfair. He's such a lovely little thing and I'll expect they'll be some pictures uploaded soon as he doesn't stop following me when he's wide awake.

Much Love
Lauren Michelle

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