August 26, 2011

£100 to spend in New Look

What can I say, I'm preparing for autumn? Okay, in all honesty I'm not actually a fan of the tops and dresses that New Look supply but I do love their blouses, trousers and occasionally their shoes. I still haven't spent my £25 gift card because I can't seem to find anything that really catches my eye, and if something does it's usually a pair of heels which will never been worn anywhere apart from my bedroom. Although I do have a slight crush on them shoes, in fact I have a crush on the entire outfit! 

I wanted to find something girlie to put together but nothing seemed appropriate for the upcoming weather and the whole point of this project is to find something suitable. I already have a black pair of skinny jeans, but New Look seemed to think there was no need to sell light wash denims so I've stuck to the colour which matches all in it's place, however this colour seems to have brought the entire outfit together. Last year knitwear was the biggest thing since flares 70's, every where you looked someone was wrapped in either fair isle or cable knit and it appears to be making it's way back into the high street shops; this jumper was a little different to the usual white ones and I paired it up with a chiffon contrast shirt which could either be tucked or left hung out. 

I nearly always carry a bag around with me, but this outfit seems far too laid back to have a bag - it doesn't have any thing to do with the fact I couldn't find a decent sized/looking one at all - and I'd rather stick to stocking it with a floppy hat and cute frilled socks. This outfit works together because it's something simple for Autumn ready to keep you protected from the cold weather, it easily can be paired up with a warm jacket or coat come winter. Once again I am wishing for a spare £100 to fly my way so I can purchase my way to happiness.

Jumper: £22.99
Shirt: £14.99
Jeans: £14.99
Shoes: £24.99
Hat: £9.99
Socks: £1.99
Total: £86.94

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